Parkcity Run 2013



The event is organized by MY Races and hosted by The International School @ Parkcity.

2) Date & venue

The race will be held on Sunday 24 November 2013 starting from The International School @ Parkcity, Desa Parkcity, Kuala Lumpur.

3) Participant incentive.

All runners who participate to the 5km & 10km will receive a dry fit T-shirt, quick dry treatment, medals & online personalized certificate from our website with their name, position and time as we will use a timing system.

All runners who participate to the U16, U13 & U9 will receive a dry fit t-shirt, a medal and a non personalized certificate (as the kids will not use the timing system).

4) Rules & Regulations

Article 1
The 5km & 10km are open to all participants from age 16 year old and above as of 31 December 2013. For persons under 18 year old, parents must agree the online form to authorize them to participate.

Article 2
Categories from A to D will compete on 10km. Categories E  & F will run on 5km. U16 (age 13 to 15) & U13 (age 9 to 12) will compete on 2.2km and U9 (age 4 to 8) on 600 meters.
Age qualification is taken as at 31 December 2013. PARENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RUN WITH THEIR CHILDREN!

CategoryDistance  AgeBorn
AMen Open10km16 to 391974 to 1997
BWomen Open10km16 to 391974 to 1997
CMen Veteran10km40 & abovebefore 1974
DWomen Veteran10km40 & abovebefore 1974
EMen5km16& abovebefore 1998
FWomen5km16 & abovebefore 1998
GU16 Boys2.2km13 to 151998 to 2000
HU16 Girls2.2km13 to 151998 to 2000
iU13 Boys2.2km9 to 122001 to 2004
JU13 Girls2,2km9 to 122001 to 2004
KU9 Boys600m4 to 82005 to 2009
LU9 Girls600m4 to 82005 to 2009

Article 3
Each entry is considered as non-transferable and final and implies full acceptance of the rules. No refund will be made whatever the reasons. No registration transfers will be allowed, whatever the reasons. Any person retroceding his bib to a third party will be held responsible in case of an accident arising or provoked by this third party during the competition. The organisation is exempt from all responsibility in case of an accident in this type of situation.
Be careful when you fill up your registration form! Enter the correct informations. Any amendement won't be entertained.

Article 4
Starting time:
    6:30am 5km - Time limit 1hour.
    6:40am 10km - Time limit 2 hours.
    9.00am U9 -600 meters (Children must be at least 4 year old to participate)
For the 10km, there will be two water stations placed at 3km & 6.5km mark.
After the race, fruits & refreshment will be served to the runners.

Article 5
Details for the collection will be given later. Bibs will be available upon presentation of receipt and IC/Passport. We will use a timing chip for the 5km and 10km. Please follow the instructions carefully on how to wear the timing chip.  No chip, no timing, no medal!
All participants must wear their bib number on the chest & their chip at the shoe.

Article 6
Winners must present their ID or passport for age verification, even the kids! No prize will be given without proof of ID.

Article 7
The organizer reserves the right to limit and refuse entry for whatever reasons.

Article 8
For any complain regarding the race results, you have 30 minutes from the closing of the race to do it. The organizer will take a final decision.

Article 9
If the organizer find someone cheating during the race, this person will be black listed and banned in all our future races!

Article 10
Competitors expressly and exclusively grant to MY Races and its assigns, the irrevocable right to use a competitor's name, likeness, biography, factually or otherwise in connection with the promotion, the distribution and exploitation of the pictures related to the race, world-wide in any and all devices, media, whatsoever, now known or hereafter known.

Article 11
All competitors acknowledge and accept all the clauses of the rules. The competitors agree, on their honor, not to anticipate the start and to cover the full distance before crossing the line.

5) Baggages

A baggage counter will be available to the participants.
Runners are encouraged to pack light and do not bring valuables to the event.
The organizer will be not responsible for any damage/loss.  

6) Registration fee

Registrations are done online with our partner The Marathon Shop.
All your transactions (CB, maybank2U, bank transfert...) will be done on a secure page of Ipay88.
We don't have access to your details. If you encounter any problem during your online registration, please, call the helpline 1300-88-6600. Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 7.00pm

Category A to F: Before 17th September , early bird price: RM50

From 17th September to 31st October: RM55 for category A to D, RM50 for category E & F

Categories G to L: RM25.

Registration will be closed on 31st October 2013 or 4000 entries (3000 for 5 & 10km and 1000 for kids), whichever comes first.

An additional RM3 will be collected by The Marathon Shop for the registration.

7) T-shirt size chart

T-shirt: Man Size

  XS  S  M  L  XL
Chest  18"  19"   20"  21"  22"
Length  26"  27"  28"  29"  30"

T- shirt: Women size

XS  S  M  L  XL
Chest15"  16"  17"  18"  19"
Length19"  20"  21"  22"  23"

T-shirt: Kids size 

  Age/cm4 yrs6 yrs8 yrs10 yrs12 yrs14 yrs16 yrs
Chest13"514.25  15"15"75  16"517"25    18"
Lenght  18"  19"  20"  21"     22"  23"    24"

8) Prizes


Prizes will be announced later.

9) Route map

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